Reason Debates


Reason Debates Issue (October 2018)

Welcome to Reason‘s Debate Issue: ‘You’re All a Bunch of Socialists!’

‘Positive Liberty’ Isn’t True Liberty (Is the right to be left alone sufficient?)

Libertarianism Is About More Than the State (Must we have cultural commitments as well as political ones?)

Nations Can and Should Control Their Borders (Is it right to limit immigration?)

Be an Anarchist, Not a Minarchist: Should we be satisfied with limited government rather than no government?

The Best Case for Liberty Is Consequentialist: What are the philosophical underpinnings of libertarianism?

Libertarians Should Support Abortion Rights: Does a fetus have a right to live?

Objectivists Are Not Libertarians: Or are they?

Bakers Should Not Be Forced To Produce Cakes for Same-Sex Weddings: How should we feel about conscience-based discrimination?

Corporate Data Collection Poses a Threat to Personal Freedom: There are lots of reasons to be concerned about government snooping, but how should we feel when private companies do it?

Libertarians Should Work Within the Two-Party System: Or is the L.P. our best bet for making a difference?

Libertarians Should Be Vegetarians: Do animals have rights that humans must respect?

Intellectual Property Must Be Protected: Should the law respect copyrights and patents?

For Political Change, Choose Exit Not Voice: Should we try to make the existing system better—or should we try to launch a new one?