Tonterías selectas

¿Imponemos un coeficiente de reservas bancarias del 100%?, de Manuel Alejandro Hidalgo

Let’s Ban Porn, by Ross Douthat

… unlike many structural forces with which moralists of the left and right contend, porn is also just a product — something made and distributed and sold, and therefore subject to regulation and restriction if we so desire.

The belief that it should not be restricted is a mistake; the belief that it cannot be censored is a superstition. Law and jurisprudence changed once and can change again, and while you can find anything somewhere on the internet, making hard-core porn something to be quested after in dark corners would dramatically reduce its pedagogical role, its cultural normalcy, its power over libidos everywhere.

That we cannot imagine such censorship is part of our larger inability to imagine any escape from the online world’s immersive power, even as we harbor growing doubts about its influence upon our psyches.

But in this sense porn also presents an opportunity to reconsider the tendency to just drift along with technological immersion, a chance where the moral stakes are sharpened to prove we don’t have to accept enslavement to our screens.

Feminists should take it. We should all take it. It is not only decency but eros itself that waits to be regained.

Una cadena que reduce la desigualdad, de Nicolas Berggruen, presidente del Berggruen Institute

Sí, sí es una huelga. No, no es como todas, de Sofía Castañón, diputada de Unidas Podemos por Asturies. Secretaria de Feminismos, Interseccional y LGTBI de Podemos

¿Qué hemos hecho para merecer esto?, de Juan Laborda


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