Tonterías selectas

Pornocapitalismo, instrucciones de uso

De la maximización del valor de la acción al hundimiento salarial, de Alejandro Inurrieta

La trastienda del TTPI, de José García Domínguez

Parado: la culpa es tuya, de Antón Losada

The Self-Fulfilling Prophesy, by Luciano Floridi

… I suspect the most powerful incen­tive would come from breaking the vicious circle whereby our digital tech­nolo­gies tend to create monop­o­lies (The Google, The Face­book, The Snapchat, The… name your company), which under­mine compe­ti­tion, decrease choice, and profile people as users of free services in silos of activ­i­ties. This would be to make online adver­tise­ment illegal. The whole industry of social media would have to re-invent itself as an industry based on customer rela­tion­ships, with customers having plenty of rights, and compa­nies competing in selling the best prod­ucts. Our money and not our personal data would be the currency. I doubt it will ever happen, but steps in this direc­tion may be taken. We took them with the tobacco industry, with the phar­ma­ceu­tical industry, with the drink and food industry. In other words, we took them when­ever our bodily iden­tity has been at risk. We should start regu­lating adver­tise­ment for the digital industry now that our infor­ma­tional iden­tity is under threat. An adver­tise­ment-free infos­phere would be a better place and put an end to the strange predica­ment whereby the tech­nolo­gies that can empower us so much to express ourselves are also the tech­nolo­gies that can mummify so effec­tively who we are and can be.



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