Tonterías selectas

¿Muerte cura muerte?, de María Márquez Guerrero

No cuestiono que seamos los primeros voluntarios para acoger a los refugiados, pero sí alerto para que no nos distraigan, con tanta emocionalidad, de lo que me parece esencial: cuestionar y combatir los orígenes de tanta brutalidad, este sistema capitalista que es la dictadura global de los mercados y que no respeta a nada ni a nadie. Por eso nos identificamos con el pequeño mecido por las olas.

Viñeta de Forges

La reactivación de las izquierdas a nivel mundial, de Vicenç Navarro

El mayor reto tecnológico, de José M. de la Viña

Protons and Leprechauns, by Fred Reed

The second paradox is that of morality. It is clear that a physical system, the only kind we believe to exist, cannot be either moral or immoral. A fire does not burn up a kindergarten full of children from malignity. It burns as it has to. And since we are physical systems as much as the fire is, we are no more moral or immoral than it is.

… The problem here is that evolutionary psychologists, decent people, do not believe what they profess. If I stoned a homosexual to death, as at times in the past has been thought proper, they would be horrified. I could reply, “Why? Your moral objection is merely a prejudice local to this time and place and has no absolute validity. In evolutionary terms the resources consumed by gays would be better spent on having children and passing our society’s genes.”

… Finally, there is the question of death. This is very carefully ignored in the sciences. Biology treats death as merely the cessation of certain reactions. But biologists also die. Do we really believe that nothing comes after death? How do we know? If we admit that we do not know, then there is the possibility of all manner of things in heaven and earth beyond our ken and of uncertain effect on our world. Scientists will pooh-pooh this (all the way to the grave ….)

Perhaps existence is not the simple wind-up clock we tell ourselves it is.



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