Teaching the Platonic Dialogues through sandwiches

La careta socialdemócrata de Podemos, de Juan Ramón Rallo

Why human intelligence and AI will co-evolve, by Stephen Hsu

Is it ever worth not knowing the truth?

Interview with Julian Savulescu Except for this:

Q: Won’t the rich have much more access to creating smarter and more beautiful children than the poor?

A: It could massively increase inequality. We need to create some kind of safety net for people, rather than just ramping up the current trend of ever-increasing inequality. Although the standard of living for many people has increased, in the 1800s the difference between the richest and poorest country was 3 to 1. It’s more than 100 to 1 today, and the richest three individuals in the world own as much as the poorest 600 million people. So some kinds of ethical constraints are going to have to be placed on unconstrained capitalism. We’re in a period where capitalism has served us very well. My father escaped from Romania after World War II to escape communism. I wouldn’t change that history. But we can’t think capitalism is the end of history. We will need rules to constrain the dark sides of our nature. The market is not going to solve our biggest problems.



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