100 Best Blogs for Econ Students

Bank Pay and the Financial Crisis by Jeffrey Friedman

G-20 accounting rules, not bank bonuses, put the system at risk.

Regulations homogenize. The Basel rules imposed on the whole banking system a single idea about what makes for prudent banking. Even when regulations take the form of inducements rather than prohibitions, they skew the risk/reward calculations of all capitalists subject to them. The whole point of regulation is to make those being regulated do what the regulators predict will be beneficial. If the regulators are mistaken, the whole system is at risk.

That was what happened with the G-20’s own Basel rules. Now the G-20 has decided to blame the crisis on bank compensation systems, which it proposes to homogenize just as it had previously homogenized bank capital allocation. What has not been explained is why we should trust that the G-20’s regulations won’t be mistaken once again.

Causes of the crisis

Juan Ramón Rallo, Los complementos monetarios

CATO Unbound: The Monetary Lessons of the Not-So-Great Depression


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